Init Android SDK

Hướng dẫn tích hợp Android Gotadi SDK

Import Android Gotadi SDK vào project

2. Import Module AndroidGotadiSDK vào project Android

Sau khi import sẽ thấy config `include ':AndroidGotadiSDK'` trong file `settings.gradle` = "My Application"
include ':app'
include ':AndroidGotadiSDK'

3. Add dependencies AndroidGotadiSDK trong file build.gradle để sử dụng thư viện

dependencies {
    implementation project(path: ':AndroidGotadiSDK')

4. Add maven repositories AndroidGotadiSDK trong file build.gradle để sử dụng libs của SDK

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven {
            url "${project.rootDir}/AndroidGotadiSDK/libs"
        maven {
            url ''

Example Code khởi tạo AndroidGotadiSDK

  • Import package của SDK để sử dụng các function khởi tạo activity Gotadi Search Book

import com.gotadi.AndroidGotadiSDK.GotadiAdapter
import com.gotadi.AndroidGotadiSDK.GotadiCallback
import com.gotadi.AndroidGotadiSDK.GotadiPartnerSetting
  • Khởi tạo GotadiSDK để tối ưu performance

  • Init environment Setting trước khi run GotadiActivity

  • Init setting environment of partner with params:

    • env : Môi trường deploy [uat | prod]

    • partnername: Partner Name , example: “vib”

    • language: Ngôn ngữ hiển thị [”vi” | “en”]

    • token: JWT Token lấy được sau khi authorize từ API authentication của Gotadi

    • theme : primary, secondary

import com.gotadi.AndroidGotadiSDK.AndroidGotadiSDK
import com.gotadi.AndroidGotadiSDK.GotadiCallback
import com.gotadi.AndroidGotadiSDK.GotadiPartnerSetting

class GTDExampleAppActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
    private var gotadiSDK: AndroidGotadiSDK? = null
    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
        val button = findViewById<Button>(
        //Call API and get gotadi Token
        gotadiSDK = AndroidGotadiSDK(
            setting = GotadiPartnerSetting("uat", "vib", "vi","token","
        button.setOnClickListener {
            val intent = gotadiSDK?.createGotadiIntent()
            intent?.let {
            gotadiSDK?.actionHandler?.bookkingResultCallback = object : GotadiCallback {
                override fun onCallPayment(gotadiActivity: Context, bookingNumber: String) {
                                        //Handle payment after checkout here
                    println("bookkingResultCallback - onCallPayment")

    override fun onDestroy() {
                //Destroy SDK avoid leak memory
        println("GTDExampleAppActivity is destroy")

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