Integration process

Before start

Partner provides agent account initialization information on Sandbox environment

Company information:

  • Company name

  • Company address

  • Website address

  • Tax code

Administrator information:

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

Connection information:

  • Link to partner’s system: Product link, payment gateway link, …

Set up the integration environment

Gotadi creates an agent account, an integrated environment (Sandbox) based on the information provided and sends it back to the partner:

  • Agent account: Link portal, username, password.

  • API Gateway

  • API key

Set up a technical exchange group (skype) to solve problems arising during the integration process


Partners conduct the integration on the Sandbox environment provided by Gotadi

Acceptance and release the service.

  • Step 1: Product acceptance on Sandbox environment

  • Step 2: Gotadi provides reseller account and live environment integration information

  • Step 3: Setup White list IP for API gateway live environment

  • Step 4: Product acceptance on Live and launching environment

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